Zhi'Nu'Rho System
Star Type


  • B0 IV Star; Blue-white Subgiant
  • T9 Brown Dwarf; Magenta Dwarf
  • G5 V Main Sequence Star; Yellow
Number of Planets


Important Structures



The primary star and namesake of the system. It has had a surprisingly long life for a class B subgiant, due to stripping the gas away from the gas giants that had formed as Zhi-Nu-Rho I - IV, leaving the solid cores as Cthonian planets.

Zhi-Nu-Rho IEdit

A Cthonian planet, the surface is cracked, scarred, and eruptions of molten rock and metal are common. The tidal forces from the star and the equally cracked, molten moon make the surface highly unstable. Said moon is in a decaying orbit, and will strike the planet within the next century. Orbital radius: 2.07 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho IIEdit

A Cthonian planet, the surface is cracked, scarred, and eruptions of molten rock and metal are common. Orbital radius: 4.25 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho IIIEdit

Another Cthonian Planet, it's just like the others; scarred, molten, and nearly inhospitable. Orbital Radius: 6.77 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho IVEdit

Yet another Cthonian Planet, it is similarly molten and inhospitable. Unlike the others, however, it is just far enough from the star to have a fairly stable surface. Orbital Radius: 13.13 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho VEdit

A rocky planet with a barely habitable atmosphere. This planet has been heavily colonized by the Ira'Preja, who have burrowed holes in the surface to reach the water trapped beneath the surface. Orbital Radius: 21.86 AU (Zhi)

Asteroid BeltEdit

This asteroid belt has a disproportionately high concentration of planetoids, most of which are used as mining sites or habitats for the Ira'Preja. Orbital Radius: 44.19 AU (Zhi)


The second star in the system, classified as a brown dwarf. It emits 90% of its light, however, in the infrared spectrum, giving what little visible light it gives off a dark red hue, rather than the brown or magenta common to its class. It is a very inactive star, so it is typically treated like a Jovian gas giant by navigators. Orbital Radius: 84.20 AU (Zhi)


One of the two habitable "moons" of Nu, this moon is tidally locked towards the star. Orbital Radius: 0.44 AU (Nu)


The second habitable "moon", this one is not tidally locked. Orbital Radius: 0.64 AU (Nu)


A'Trini is a terrestrial planet, with an ocean and a planetwide network of slot canyons. It is the home of the Ira'Preja. Orbital Radius: 167.04 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho VIIEdit

An uninhabitable ball of rock, it has been scoured clean and has a trace atmosphere from the Ira'Preja's early terraforming efforts. Orbital Radius: 325.46 AU (Zhi)

Zhi-Nu-Rho VIIIEdit

A rocky planet that has planetary rings, the sole remnants of the former two moons that collided. Orbital Radius: 666.00 AU (Zhi)


Tertiary star, G5V Yellow main sequence star. Orbital Radius: 2244.98 AU (Zhi)
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