If you feel that your honor gets in the way, well... we have an abundance of shini-shōzoku for you to choose from.
— Yoshiro Katashi

Yoshiro Katashi (吉郎 堅), born 2995, is a former Kyodai and current Underboss of the Ryu Hasu Yakuza.




Yoshiro tends to take action boldly, picking the option most likely to get the job done. He greatly dislikes being constrained, but will tolerate it if the constraints come from someone he respects. He has a fondness for reading poetry.


  • Modified Jumonji Yari
    • 50cm blade
    • 1 m haft
    • Used as a sword as often as a spear
  • Combat Knife
    • 3-inch blade, single-edged
    • 4-inch handle
    • Circular guard
  • H&C Lawman ICWP
    • Interchangeable Weapon Platform: can swap barrels to be a SMG, LMG, Assault Rifle, or Sniper Rifle
    • 200-round magazine
    • .50 BMG
    • Usually in sniper configuration
  • TM-12 Pistol
    • 10-round Box Mag
    • Plasma slugs
  • Cybernetic Left Arm
    • Lost his left arm about six inches above the elbow in a duel with White Wolf
    • Can connect to most data ports
    • Has GalNet access.


  • Master Marksman: Able to fire over long distances for a kill.
  • Strong Intellect: More intelligent than most, Yoshiro's brain tends to favor snap decisions.
  • Skilled Melee Combatant: Able to hold his own against most opponents.
  • Technology Expert: Is extremely skilled at navigating and using most types of technology.