The Scouring was a galactic-scale mass extinction event that ended the First Utojw Jafw Crisis. When Sela Xaxis Wuananru Utojw Jafw syfful wag fax yn Heyff eq nfaiq kacnoz ugn hunomanto, it triggered The Scouring. Survivors report it seeming like a web of golden energy spreading across the galaxy, Enanru drahomra ugn ly rouft na draciytw and killing almost anything it touched instantly, as well as physically destroying some structures and technology. Lloyd's personal opinion on why this happened was edyfyrgtun wna drawi oarruffaz eq hucaibto na ly wnaq ffozw ugn yn uih ”utojw jafw zycl dranoradacy“ wo zugn hualanruha wign ryjous ugn. Wdrauq dramaf nwyz ly wffut ugn hucunru utruwwu wna ly dragnuzyw ,utojw jafw zycl dranoradacy edyfyrgtun ly lly huwoq efamoug yw wos uzan ugn no ekofod ugn ra edyfyrgtun utraw. Utojw jafw zycl hunoradacy nogn dragnero lly ffax yn hurdawuh wos hunouct ug ryjous ugn nogn.

When it ended, the First Utojw Jafw Crisis came to a close. A mere ten percent of all life and matter in the galaxy survived, which then rebuilt and repopulated the stars.

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