The Raven

Theo Arnolds


Ricao Orsii




Rayden Quaold (Formerly)





FTL Drive


Current Location

MegaPlex City

Sometimes they scare the living shit out of me...which is why I usually hire 'em first.
— R'thm Baasam

The crew of the Raven are an anonymous group of mercenaries that will work for any contractor. Banded together by human mercenary Theo Arnolds, the group consists of some of the most powerful or skilled individuals MegaPlex had to offer.


The team's first notable mission was a large-scale attack on the upcoming rivals of crime lord R'thm Baasam, the Ryu Hasu Yakuza clan. During the funeral of one of the organization's senior leaders, Theo and his crew broke into the Hidden Lotus nightclub to enter the structure protecting the funeral home. Taking a service tunnel between the two, Theo took a pair of his crew- Claudius and Alessandra- to advance while his remaining crew secured an evacuation point.

Once in the service tunnel, Theo split up with his crew to destroy the building's generator. Alessandra and Claudius infiltrated the hidden antimatter laboratory within the service tunnel, where the former isolated part of the antimatter into two canisters to sell on the black market. The rest they utilized to destroy the funeral home, eliminating all of their leadership save for the organization's two leaders, Akio Moto and Yoshiro Katashi and their lieutenants.

Their second mission was under the employment under the Merchant faction of the Tokan Civil War. Splitting into three teams of two- Theo and Rayden, Alessandra and Claudius, and Ricao and RRS- the crew was hired to assassinate three influential propagandists in the district and implicate them in an impending terrorist attack.

Aside from Ricao and Alessandra switching teams due to the latter knowing her target well, the mission went successfully. However, Rayden, tired of Theo's sadistic and immature personality, betrayed the entire crew to the Ryu Hasu.



  • Theo Arnolds: A human mercenary, a war veteran of the Centurion Civil War.
  • RRS-4: A utility robot reprogrammed to serve as the ship's main engineer, co-pilot, and sniper.
  • Ricao Orsii: An Altaic merchant and the Raven 's pilot. A gentlemen reaching the beginning of middle age.
  • Claudius: A former Skeaver pirate who's left penniless, scarred, and bored after experiments were performed on him. The main muscle of the ship, as well as Theo's personal enforcer.
  • Alessandra: A Niso arsonist and petty criminal, who's knowledge of chemicals makes her an ideal scrapper and perfectly mediocre medic.