Staskav Riker is a Drothian freelance mercenary, and a minor recurring character to the Dawn Voyager crew.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Staskav Riker's past besides his involvement in the Drothian-Skaakian Contact War as an engineer and repairman for the Drothian military. Sometime after the war, Riker still harbored a hatred of Skaakian people, and sought out contracts against Skaakians and their military as a mercenary. His work as a mercenary lead him to meet BOB-5 in freelance jobs with Razor's Edge. BOB grew fond of the Drothian, taking him under his wing and protecting him on dangerous jobs. However, after BOB was deemed a traitor and wanted man by Razor's Edge, Riker assisted the mercenaries in finding and capturing him for his high bounty, leading the two to fiercely hate each other.


While Jack Yorke is seeking to recruit a soldier for the Dawn Voyager crew in the Bronson's Flat fight club and bar, Yorke and Har-Bak observe a fist fight between Itslthmis Rh'ka and Riker, who engaged the Skaakian in a fight over Drothian-Skaakian war grudges. Riker loses the fight, being hit with a wooden chair repeatedly.

Salvage OpEdit

Angry over the loss against Rh'ka, Staskav tracked her down in hopes of revenge. Finding out she had joined the Dawn Voyager, Riker joined a band of Black Eclipse mercenaries that would be intercepting the Voyager on a salvage operation. Riker does not encounter the Skaakian however, instead running into Yorke and BOB-5, the latter of which wounds Riker, but spares him because of his past with him.

Twelve ParsecsEdit

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