Star Horizon

Wayne Harre[1]


Mila Sonett[2]




Heano A'Hendi[4]


Aulek Micra[5]


Roby Hendiaz[6]

FTL Drive


Current Location

Ord Melul

The Star Horizon is a ship built by Lloyd. It {will be} sold to Wayne Harre, a human captain. Like with the Dawn Voyager, the price was to be paid off by working for Lloyd and the Bounty and Contract Association, with a small sum skimmed off the top to cover the debt.


The Star Horizon is 200 m (656 ft) long, 175 m (574 ft) wide, and 187 m (615 ft) high. The front 50m houses the Slip-Space Drive, and tapers into the drill-shape with a vaguely phallic tip common to all Human-designed Slip-Space Drive ships. The back 25m houses the tapered-cylindrical sublight engine. The back 150 m has a rectangular cross-section when viewed from the top, and a small, sloped compartment before the tapered end is the pilot, navigation, and medical bay, which takes up a 9,7000 cubic meter regular dodecahedral section of the body, with the flat pentagonal top flush with the top of the main body, with the flat base facing the rear. The tapering front edges are visible, along with parts of the faces in the front above 165 m. These have composite glass-and-plasma viewports, the only ones on the ship. The interior of these contain several layers of steel shutters, which activate automatically upon engaging the Slip-Space Drive.

The rest of the ship is comprised of a large, hexahedral hub and cargo bay, which connects to the aforementioned pilot/nav area, the crew's sleeping quarters, the sublight and FTL engines, and the exit ramp on the side of the ship.


  1. Male Human
  2. Female Human
  3. Female Niso
  4. Male Teropus
  5. Female Altaic
  6. Male Human