Skeaver Pirates
Founded By

Big Mama

Years Active


Based In



~15 - 30k




Virtually everyone

The Skeaver Pirates are the closest thing those bloody rodents have to a damn army and yet they're still threatening.

The Skeaver Pirates are the pseudo-military and the main defensive force of Distress and the Skeaver. The Pirates are widely feared in Skeaver-name alone, and live up to the name, being composed of the most deadly, brutal, and vicious Skeaver on Distress. The bandits also act as the main provider of Distress besides native jungle resources, bringing in goods from other planets and cultures after their raiding and piracy ventures. These goods include weaponry, food, and other resources not found or made on Distress.



The Skeaver Pirates have been around since the creation of their society, but it was not until the Skeaver discovered Faster Than Light technology through an unfortunate Distress explorer that they began using their brutal nature and weaponry to raid and ambush others throughout the galaxy. With more supplies, their raids grew in scale and numbers, soon becoming one of the most feared factions in the galaxy.


The Skeavers prefer to make use of their own claws and tails, custom blades, and crossbows, but have recently largely utilized firearms and energy weapons looted in raids, using anything they can get their hands on. Skeaver blades are custom made from a rare metal found deep within Distress's underground, being able to cut through flesh and wood akin to Redwood with ease.


Type Name Magazine Cartridge Range RoF
Exotic Saw Blade Launcher 16-round rear-loaded clip Sawblades 1 km Semi-Auto
Exotic Saw Blade Turret 160-round rear-loaded clip Sawblades 1.5 km 64 rounds/min fully automatic
Crossbow Skeaver Crossbow 1 bolt Crossbow Bolts 500 m Semi-Auto
  • Saw Blade Launcher - A large hand-operated launcher that propels traditional circular saw blades at great force, slicing through flesh with ease. Extremely long-ranged and fast, but heavy and grounded by a somewhat long reload time. Larger, stationary turret versions of these are scattered throughout Skeaver territory.
  • Crossbow - Medium-sized scoped crossbows, made from a mixture of the natural metal and wood on Distress. Steel and wooden arrows are often dipped in a poisonous fruit for faster killing effects. Wooden arrows are occasionally lighten on fire.


Type Name Length Width Weight
Sword Buster Sword 4.3 m 0.25 m 15 lbs
  • Buster Sword - A large, heavy, spiked and edged sword wielded by the heavier and more muscular units, capable of slicing most organics in two with a solid swing. One hit anywhere is usually fatal.


Type Name Payload Radius|- Grenade Needler Grenade Needles 1 m
  • Needler Grenade - This grenade is one of the most effective methods of clearing rooms and causing painful injuries. The grenade at first appears to be a small sphere with a red button upon it. The grenade has several sensory modes attached onto it: thermal, radio, sonic and standard. The grenade has a 5-second delay after it reaches an intended destination before spikes shoot out from the entire grenade, making it impossible to throw back unless the target wants the spikes to stab into their flesh. The grenade will soon detonate and release spikes, shrapnel and explosive force to kill the target. The spikes and shape of the grenade have earned it the nickname, 'sea urchin.'