The Skaakian are a reptilian race native to Scryia.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Lizard-like in apperance
  • Short tails
  • Scaley
  • Eyes varying in colors such as blue, purple, brown, red, teal, black, and white
  • Head sometimes including horns, and short leaf-like-hair. 
  • Appear to stand on their tip toes
  • Have small noses

General HistoryEdit

The Skaakian started out in small clans, fighting to gain favor from their gods. Eventually, the Seventy Blood War began. The Seventy clans went to war to gain control over a large island, known as the God's Throne, which was known as the holy land of the gods. The clans believed that whomever gained control, would gain the favor of the gods. One clan man, R'ley Tooknam, realized that instead of fighting to gain favor of the god's, the clan's should band together to make one large clan. On the day of the battle, he was able to convince the clan's to join forces, not feud. The clans listened to him, and joined forces. The next generation's went on to make cities, and work on vehicles, and more advanced weaponry. The largest and oldest city was named after the clan hero, Tooknam.

Soon, the Skaakian made space craft, and traveled to distant planets. A decade later, they made a more advanced ship, and flew to a planet known as Earth, getting spotted by many humans in the process. Soon after, a race known as the Drothian. The first Drothian invasion involved the city of Sunka, which was bombed by the Drothian. The Shaakian went to war with the Drothian, battiling on their own planet for several years, until fighting for control over a planet known as Ismosis. 


There are multiple religions in the Shaakian culture. One is Sakja, which is the belief of the old gods. This religion usually studies the old text known as The Writ of the Exhalted. Another religion is Lookaj, the thought that the old gods don't wish Shaakian to follow the ways of The Writ of the Exhalted. 

In Shaakian cities, their are many entertainment centers, allowing Shaakian to participate in art work, dances, and many other forms of entertainment. 

Relationships With Other SpeciesEdit

Drothian: Because of the war, Drothian's are not very well liked by Skaakians. Now at the end of the war, tensions remain high. 

Altaic: The Skaakians have a friendly relationship with Altaic, because of the Altaic supplying the Skaakians with food during the war. Today, Skaakians aid the Altaic in their Skeaver problem.

Mannequin SketchesEdit