So, now that I'm more used to this, I'm accepting new groups or solo users. Please note that I need to approve of the group/individual before you start creating your character pages.

Group CriteriaEdit

  • Must have at least 3 people
    • Must have one Captain
    • Other crew members must have assigned roles (i.e, Pilot, Navigator, Soldier, Engineer, Medic, etc.)
      • Crew Members may take on more than once role
  • All members of the group must have the same availability

If you want to sign up as a group, you must put a message on my talk page with:

  • The usernames of everyone in your group
  • The names and roles of the corresponding crewmembers
  • The name of your ship
  • Your group's availability schedule
  • Whether you want to work for Lloyd, another BCA Handler, or if you don't care

Individual CriteriaEdit

  • No more than one person (duh)
  • A little more flexibility with availability, though I would prefer it if you got at least one comment up per week
  • Inactivity of the character for two months is death. Exceptions only made if notified.

If you want to sign up as an individual, you must put a message on my talk page with:

  • Your username
  • Your character's name
  • Your character's faction (if independent mercenary, put "Merc")

Please keep in mind that individual missions will come less often than group missions

Current GroupsEdit

Since I'm the only GM right now, I have limited time. Therefore, there will be limited RP slots. I will boot people who aren't participating.

  1. Dawn Voyager (Group; Main)
  2. Remy Yousser (Solo; Beast)
  3. Evan Washington (Solo; Skully)