S-777, commonly known as Sevens, was created by Four-Eyes using components from the various machines he had left over from escaping his containment and joining with Freelance. Seeking a companion and wishing to help the crew further as payment, Four-Eyes would work to design the machine. Programmed with as much information that Four-Eyes wished to instill into it as to serve the crew to a greater degree and remove the limitations that the Revornian saw in his own organic life. After several years of work, Sevens was unveiled to the crew with a much more rough appearance than what he stands as today. Serving the crew as secondary engineer and working mainly as the pilot of the crew and navigator of the group using his vast arrays of knowledge determine the best course to set themselves on.

Sevens reveres his creator and addresses him as such, refusing to call him anything less seeing at as demeaning to a being that gave him 'life', but he does not mind if close companions to the Revnorian refer him to another name. The machine was also given the other objective of learning and increasing its social skills with others as a way that Four-Eyes can also learn from obtained skills. He enjoys more leisure activities compared to his creator as he himself attempts to understand the joys that organic life experiences. As expected, he can often be seen by the Revnorian's side and providing his own input into situations as well as assisting him and members of the crew. Often receiving upgrades and new talents from the Revornian when presented with new technologies that can increase his combat capabilities or skills in general.


  • Prometheus Flamethrower: Equipped with a flamethrower located in the wrist of his armor. The Prometheus flamethrower has an extended range and super heated flames meant to burn organics and effectively cook those in armor.
  • The Pride: Given to Sevens as upgrade by Four-Eyes following the first mission, these lions are used as source of recon and intelligence gathering to Sevens, which he has several of located within him in their canister. The Pride is quick and deadly, along with their claws capable ruining someone's day when they sink into their target.
  • Machine Gun attachments: Fully automatic machine gun of sorts that is located on the wrist and shoulder mounts hidden away in Seven's body. These weapons each hold about about 500 rounds of plasma tipped explosive rounds in conjunction with the targeting systems of Sevens.
  • Bunker Breakers: High powered grenade launcher located in the wrist protected by layers of armor to prevent it from being pierced. The weapon will pop out at the behest of Sevens and launch the payload of several plasma grenades. He can only contain about three of these grenades at a given time, commonly used for anti-armor or destroy fortifications, along with traditional anti-personal, the grenades can be shot out individually or all at once in a volley.