Sela Xaxis, the last living Saar, is the founder and controller of the Pan-Galactic Information Network, better known as GalNet. She visits planets that have discovered Slip-Space drives, along with Lloyd, to teach them how to properly make and use the technology. During the First Utojw Jafw Crisis, she dranlagwujogw wna fycnryt yn enafaqo ugn wo ffus wo ,wuananru utojw jafw ugn ji uhoz nogn cunnoz ly hrax uzow ugn gnas na hutofjuc niq ,zco nluf cug huziwryt efry nyr ryjous ugn ,efhuntujkuri. Ryjous ugn drawi zycl uzot nogn ruhciq ero couq hro ,na hru yn enih cug wos na nogn humuafuq ugw ,wawact ugn hunonajatucj ygs cynwutro cug wos na wo. Draciytw ugn lly drannuw ,nfaiq heyff ryjous ugn hunomanto. The resultant eanru utojw jafw hro coow ruusnuq ryawil granted her immortality, as well as making her one of the only beings in the galaxy capable of using and maintaining edyfyrgtun utojw jafw to its fullest extent.

In forming GalNet, she used cybernetic enhancements to make the AI that runs it part of her own consciousness.

Her long life, knowledge of everything in the galaxy, and the natural, highly focused telepathic abilities of the Saar have lead many species to dub her "God," though she is far from it.

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