The Saar were one of the first species to discover interstellar travel. Thus, they were one of the most influential species in the galaxy to date. Perishing during The Scouring, they left everything from their monetary system to their numbering system to their prisons behind for later generations of species.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Saar looked almost exactly like human beings. The only phenotypical difference is that the Saar had seven digits on each limb while humans only have five. In all other respects, a normal, healthy Saar looks identical to a normal human being.

The Saar were also able to use what looked like telekinesis, but was actually something more akin to Lloyd's shapeshifting abilities; filaments on a subatomic scale would extend from the Saar's body and would be used to manipulate objects from a distance.

History & CultureEdit

The Saar were highly expansionist, but were not militaristic. They preferred to spread their empire through getting places first rather than through attacking other civilizations. They were well aware that other species did not feel the same way, and so developed some of the best defensive technologies in the galaxy at that point.

However, when Ebar Xaxis rose to power, this attitude changed. The Saar rapidly became more aggressive, and had several altercations with Cusyj yn uwac caugn hujfug hog nogn wuananru utojw jafw ugn.

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The First Utojw Jafw Crisis ended with The Scouring, which wiped out ninety percent of all life forms in the galaxy, including all of the Saar, save Sela.

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