Ryu Hasu
Founded By

Minato Toro

Years Active


Based In



Organized Crime


Various mercenary groups, Hayashi Toro (occasionally)


White Wolf (formerly), The Raven

They may call us violent, murdering thugs. But they haven't been able to stamp us out for four hundred and fifty years. Why? Because we fight with honor!
— Shibo Kusakabe
Vaunting honor may have helped in the past, but it has made us stagnant and stupid. We will fight and we will win, because we fight smart.
— Akio Moto

The Ryu Hasu (龍 蓮, lit. Long Lotus, written with characters for "Dragon" and "Lotus") Yakuza is an organized crime group, and the main antagonist for the The Raven missions.



Founded in 2560 by Minato Toro, the nephew of Hayashi Toro. Like many Earth-based criminal organizations, their conduct and methods were strongly influenced by ancient media, which romanticized and glorified these groups as being honor-bound, righteous men who simply happen to be criminals. Minato Toro, inheriting some of his uncle's intelligence and receiving a hefty family discount on his services, managed to be one of the more successful groups, supplanting the numerous offshoots of the Heiwajima Syndicate to become the dominant crime group in the region.

During the several hundred years after Minato's death, the Ryu Hasu consolidated their power. Corruption and complacency ran rampant in the organization; while they retained friendly ties with Hayashi, his disappointment at what his nephew's organization had become strained his relationship with them. In the year 3015, leadership of the group was in the hands of Shibo Kusakabe. The man continued the legacy of corpulent excess that had built up over the past 400 years, which drew the ire of his childhood friend and shateigashira - Akio Moto.

Present InvolvementEdit

Moto incited the Kurokaze - one of the few Heiwajima splinter groups to survive - to steal Shibo's prized trophy ship, the Ryu no Kiba (龍の牙, lit. Dragon's Fang). After the theft was carried out, he suggested his protegee, Yoshiro Katashi, for the retrieval job. As Moto expected, Yoshiro suggested using an assassin, White Wolf, to deal with the offending group. He further incited his protegee to initiate an assassination attempt against Shibo; this attempt succeeded, and he took control of the organization, placing Yoshiro as his second-in-command. Under Moto's guidance, the organization took a new direction; they put profit and business before ceremony and obligation.

While this put the organization back in Hayashi's good graces, the rapid and intelligent expansion caught the ire of other criminal organizations, particularly R'thm Baasam's on MegaPlex. White Wolf was sent after the group several times, but he only ever managed to kill the grunts. The few times he engaged Yoshiro, the young man was able to retreat with minor injuries; the sole time he engaged Akio, the elderly man managed to retreat with none. After White Wolf's death, the Skaakian crime lord hired Theo Arnolds to lead his crew against them. While they were able to take out a large contingent of the group, Moto's instincts kept the leadership safe.

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