Y'know, being the runt wasn't so bad. The others paid less attention to ya, so you got more time to think and explore. It's how I got the hell off that planet.
— Roar-Ree

Roar-Ree was formerly a traveling engineer, now recruited by Jack Yorke to act as engineer of the Dawn Voyager. He is well-known as the only Lupinus Huntress to leave the species native planet.


Early LifeEdit

Who the hell names a kid Roar-Ree? Awful parents who expect you to die, that's who!
— Roar-Ree

Of the entire Lupinus Huntress species, Roar-Ree is notable for two things. One, he is one of the smallest Lupinus ever recorded, standing only at 6 feet, 4 inches. Two, he is one of the smartest Lupinus ever. Unfortunately, both traits proved useless in a brawns over brain society, and Roar-Ree was widely mocked and bullied by his peers. His own parents gave him a "weak name", simply assuming that he would be eaten by a bird of prey or other predator. However, the lack of attention given to Roar-Ree gave him a major advantage, as he was able to easier explore the world around him. He quickly learned the lay of the land, which proved useful when predators did come for him.

One day, things changed. A group of missionaries, hoping to educate the savage beasts through religion, arrived, and had it not been for an opportunistic Roar-Ree, they would have been swiftly eaten. Out of gratitude, they taught Roar-Ree various survival skills, like how to fly and repair a ship, how to use weaponry, how to read and how to use a translator. Having learned all he could from them, and having long grown tired of their rants about religion, Roar-Ree killed and ate the missionaries, then stole their ship and flew off-world. Initially naive and out of his element, Roar-Ree quickly grew to be a skilled pilot and engineer, selling his services to ensure his survival and well-being.




Roar-Ree is surprisingly upbeat and smart, though he's not above the occasional sarcastic remark. He also detests bullies, largely because of his own upbringing. Despite his size and strength, Roar-Ree prefers to outthink his enemies rather than outfight them.

Roar-Ree also has an interest in reading, with cosmic horror as a favorite of his, particularly the King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers.

Weapons and SkillsEdit


  • Dual Avenger Machine Pistols: A pair of fully automatic pistols salvaged from the missionaries, the Avenger pistols have 40 rounds per clip, and Roar-Ree is a surprisingly good shot with them.
  • Teeth and Claws: Roar-Ree isn't above literally fighting tooth and claw when it comes up-close.
  • Heckler and Colt M. 4200 Assault Rifle: The second-most generic rifle in the galaxy, instantly recognizable for its bland functionality. Carries a 30-round clip.


  • Super-Strength: Despite being small by Lupinus Huntress standards, Roar-Ree still towers over most people, and can lift half a ton effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell/Hearing: While his eyesight is average, Roar-Ree can smell and hear far better than most species, enabling him to better detect threats and search for clues.
  • Skilled Engineer: Having one ship and no money has taught Roar-Ree to improvise and make do with what he has, enabling him to work well regardless of resources.
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