Risir... they're a good contributor, and has greatly increased the contents of GalNet. More importantly, they're a gigantic asshole with a god complex who doesn't care for fair play, other sentient life, or anything aside from themselves and their own ambitions.
— Sela Xaxis

Risir, an Ira'Preja, is one of the foremost archeological experts in the galaxy. Risir's Preja is located on his main transport, the Fera'Tarn. Using this ship and a few small escorts, all crewed by his Ira, he travels from location to location searching out rare finds and information on ancient and extinct cultures. While he does have the god complex his species is known for, he is also one of the largest contributors to the GalNet archives.

He is especially interested in any artifacts that survived The Scouring, as well as any information about the Saar and the variety of species that went extinct during and after the event. He will investigate any and all sites that appear to hold information related to these topics, no matter how obscure or unlikely.

Skills, Weapons, & AbilitiesEdit


  • High Intelligence - thanks to both his chosen profession and his Ira, Risir's intelligence is large compared to most of his brethren.
  • Hive-Mind - Risir, the Preja, has multitudes of Ira at his command, and can add more if need be.


  • Fleet - Risir's main weapon in case of attack is his fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art Hadron Supercoil-powered weaponry, including:
    • Antimatter cannons
    • Antimatter point-defense systems
    • Matter-Antimatter annihilation-propelled kinetic weaponry
    • Massive bow-mounted plasma cannon
  • Plasma Pistols - Risir's Ira are equipped with burst-fire plasma pistols in case of an emergency. He usually relies on hiring outside mercenaries to guard him on his expeditions, however, and so these rarely see use.
    • Three-round burst plasma slug
    • 120-shot gas canister
    • 12-yr battery
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