Give me enough money, and I can crack a case like a, um, uh...fuck, forgot my analogy. Anyway, how much ya paying for the case?
— Remy Yousser

Armed with wit, a revolver, and an affinity for fine kush, Remy Yousser is a private detective with an office located on Aethon III. He's willing to take any case so long as the pay is good.


Remy was born to wealthy politicians on Earth, and naturally received a life of luxury and the highest education possible. However, Remy wanted more. He wanted a life of adventure and excitement. When he turned 18, Remy ran away to Aethon III, quickly becoming embroiled in the gangs located there.

After a few months, Remy's then-girlfriend vanished, seemingly abducted by one of the local gangs. Alongside his friend R'yth Thirman, Remy quickly began investigating her disappearance, discovering her ties to a drug ring and criminal syndicate. After a vicious gunfight that leads to several deaths, Remy was able to find out that his girlfriend had been murdered for leading him to the ring. Vengeful, Remy took to manipulating and bringing down the syndicate piece-by-piece, before walking away, largely successful.

Remy began working as a private detective, using his noted eye for details to assist in cases of thefts and disappearances. Alongside R'yth, who acts as his assistant, Remy is willing to take cases from even the shadiest of individuals.


Remy is surprisingly laid-back, even in intense situations such as gunfights and stand-offs. Alongside being outgoing and polite, Remy has an intense determination to solve his case, as a means of making up for his failure to avenge his girlfriend's sacrifice. If the case is good enough, Remy is willing to work for less.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • D-16 "Heart Stopper" Revolver
  • Datapad: A pad that Remy regularly writes notes down on, for fear of forgetting them in a drugged haze. It's also connected to GalNet, enabling him to quickly learn any important info he doesn't know already.


  • Brilliant Detective: Despite his appearance and personality, Remy has an excellent ability to analyze crime scenes and conversations for clues.
  • Skilled Street Fighter: Remy is more than capable of holding his own in a fight, and will use anything he can get his hands on to win.
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