Curiosity may kill the cat, but ignorance will kill us all.
— Rayden Quaold

A veteran of the Gathering War who has explored all across the galaxy, and joined to learn more about the races of his fellow crewmates.


Rayden Quaold was the navigator aboard The Buccaneer, a multi-species exploration vessel that was taken hostage on Courbohn during the Gathering War. The Eurypt government immediately captured the crew, and initially planned on holding them hostage. However, once they discovered Rayden was a Revnorian, they ordered the crew's execution. Rayden would be the last to be executed, but his crew was fortunately saved by 'The Machina, a Revnorian battle cruiser.

Enlisted as a navigator for the military during the rest of the war, Rayden was a key player during the final stages of the war as an aide in planning the invasion, as well as the final diplomatic negotiations. In return for his service, Rayden requested only one thing- a chance to keep exploring the galaxy, unimpeded by his slowly growing reputation.


In need of a navigator for an arms deal on Toka, Theo eventually stumbled upon Rayden. His curiosity piqued, Rayden offered his permanent service to the mercenary in exchange for allowing him to utilize The Raven on future expeditions. Reluctant at first, Theo soon embraced it, as it gave his team a legitimate business front to manipulate around the NGLA.


Rayden is analytic and curious, constantly questioning his surroundings and investigating the world around him. He's also the most compassionate of the crew, standing out as a diplomat and peacekeeper aboard the ship. He and Theo often clash over certain jobs, but Rayden's more intelligent and "moral high ground" ideals take precedent due to Rayden's skills as a debater and speaker.

Rayden has expressed a particular interest in Alessandra and Claudius, due to his general curiosity about both crewmates societies.


  • Revnorian Arc Rifle:
    • Five canisters in a magazine
    • Each contains a super-charged battery that fires a bolt of electricity
    • Two triggers; the first ionizes the target as the "lead stroke", the second discharges the canister for the actual shock.


  • Skilled Navigator
  • Expert Diplomat:
  • Genius-level Intelligence: Rayden is the crew's smartest member, handling the crew's monetary concerns alongside Riccao and often planning jobs with Theo.
  • Skilled Strategist: As previously mentioned, Rayden is skilled at forming long-term plans for an operation alongside Theo, although he leaves the execution of the plan and setbacks to his captain.