I am your Reboot and Repair System asset. How may I be of service?
— RRS-4
The first model of the "Reboot Repair System-4" series developed by Dazzler Co., redesigned and repurposed by one of Arnolds' old BCA contacts.


RRS-4 was the robot brought on board for the maintenance of Theo's original mercenary company, serving as a back-up pilot, medic, and navigator. As Theo set off on his own, he stole RRS-4 with him and repurposed it; abandoning the back-up functions and focusing entirely on its engineering skills and adding a combat and sarcasm program as well.


RRS, in one way, has no personality. It rarely, if ever interacts, with speech- obvious exceptions including inquiries and orders. While effective, this also makes RRS oblivious to his surroundings aside from the voice commands from Theo.

On the other hand, Theo was not satisfied with this sole service. Bored, Theo decided to install a program that provided combat sniper capabilities and a set number of one-liners that may be used by being spoken from anybody. The often suddenness of RRS' quirky and oft poorly delivered one-liners amuses Theo, while annoys the rest of the crew.


  • Heckler & Colt Model N. Field Rifle
    • Bolt-action
    • 15-round magazine
    • 1,000 yard range, further increased due to RRS-4's enhanced robotic eyesight
    • Plasma slugs


  • Skilled sniper
  • Expert Mechanic: As Theo installed programming designed almost entirely for engineering, RRS-4 has learned almost every known ship model availible on GalNet, giving it the ability to operate and fix almost every kind of aircraft.
  • Skilled Pilot

RRS-4's One-LinersEdit

  • "That is a rather interesting question. Ask someone else."
  • "Your mom!"
  • "That's what she said!"
  • "You don't tell me what to do! You're not my real dad!"
  • "You can stick that where the sun don't shine!"
  • "Jesus Mary mother of fuck."
  • "It's time for you to get a watch!"
  • "Deez nuts."
  • "Take my advice- I'm not using it."
  • "Have you ever started to think?"
  • "I'm here now. You have three more wishes."
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