See, Drauf, here's your first lesson: if you want to destroy someone, you sell him a noose and convince him it's a necktie.
— R'thm Baasam

R'thm Baasam is a Skaakian gangster and the "de facto" ruler of MegaPlex City.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Baasam's past, but claims to have had enough ordeals to "drive a skeaver mad". R'thm first arrived on MegaPlex as a weapons merchant, supplying the various crime syndicates and mercenaries with guns and ammo from a variety of manufacturers at relatively cheap prices.

MegaPlex UprisingEdit

Eventually, the then ruling crime lord accused Basaam of ripping him off, and attempted to have him killed. Basaam went into hiding and rallied several smaller gangs and mercenary groups against the ruling syndicate, supplying them with his large cache of weapons. After a long and bloody war, Basaam personally killed the crime lord and declared himself ruler of MegaPlex, with his war allies merging to form a powerful crime syndicate under Basaam's leadership.

Basaam has become very protective of his power, making sure no one interfere's with his businesses or tries to overthrow him. His residence overlooks his club, The Gates of Dawn, where he gazes down at everything going on in it. He has made sure that he hears of every going-on in the city and always has the upper-hand in deals and conversations.




Basaam appears relatively laid-back and friendly as a way to make visitors comfortable, causing many to lower their guard and allowing Basaam to carefully observe their behavior and personality. Basaam rarely sees visitors in private, and when he does, he is no-nonsense, and prefers to get right down to business only, never talking about his personal life. Despite his tough demeanor, Basaam is not hostile, only being violent and angry at his enemies or when he has been double-crossed.