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As far as we know there is no man or any other species down there. Just beasts and the creatures that seek to hunt. The less we know, the more that the planet continue to thrive in our ignorance about it.
— Primeval Expedition

Primeval is one of the most unexplored planets within the known area. The planet appears to contain vast minerals supplies and is covered in ocean and land, while lacking any known cities. The planet from afar seems peaceful, but upon the surface are deadly creatures which lurk upon seeking to hunt any unwary species that lands upon its surface. 

History Edit

Primeval's exact history is unknown, as no expeditions have been made to explore the planets and the contents beyond the failed mining operation. In 2885, Royale Terre Mining sought to mine the precious minerals they detected on the planet. Knowing that it would take too long to get approval from the {insert name here}, the company decided to go through with the operation without approval. They would hire Razors Edge to act as security for the operation, till Royale Terre could gain proper approval. 

Once establishing themselves upon the surface, they would begin clearing out pieces of jungle to gain enough room to build housing and drop off the equipment for the miners. During this time, Razors Edge would scout the surrounding area and report their findings which consisted of unusually large foot prints or small exotic creatures. Both respective parties expected the creatures to be a minor nussiance and continued operations. In the following months,, Razors Edge who see a growing number of contacts with each becoming increasingly dangerous. This lead to heightened security forces being deployed and perimeter defenses being established. 

These methods would prove futile as in the coming months as the ever increasing number of contacts began to overwhelm scout patrols and perimeter defenses were being bombarded by the local fauna. Afterwords all scouting parties were cancelled in favor of increasing defenses and Royale Terre would begin preparations for evacuation. During this time, the defenses would face some of the most terrifying creatures yet, as massive beasts which based upon records of security and miners identified the creature to appear similar to a massive T-Rex although more evolved. Defenses at this time would be overrun and emergency evacuation was sent upon the planet to save the workers and security forces. Royale Terre would be forced to abandon much of their equipment or other valuables in favor of saving the lives of those upon the planet. 

Primeval ExpeditionEdit

The Primeval Expedition is the planned expedition to search the surface of the planet from various unknown life forms upon it. Royale Terre Mining was the first to present this expedition to {insert name here} before other companies and science divisions jumped on broad to explore the planet. Research of the life forms and mining operations in particular seem to a very popular prospect among those involved. 


  • Explore surface of planet
  • Study life forms (if possible capture small life forms to return for complete study & analysis)
  • Survey the land