Pierce is the second-in-command of the Skeaver Pirates, being Big Mama's top soldier and right-hand man, and a recurring foe of the Dawn Voyager. He is a brutal and unforgiving murderer, torturer, plunderer, and rapist, doing heinous actions only for the pleasure it brings him.


Take Back the Windy Skies of Your Barren HomeworldEdit

Vanishing ShipsEdit

During the Dawn Voyager's mission to investigate the disappearance of ships in Sector 13 by traveling to the now-Skeaver invested Altaic station the Ansra, Pierce and his crew are the main targets for Jack Yorke's crew to kill, having taken over the Altaic research station and murdering or capturing it's crew.

Pierce relentlessly sent large attack squads to attack the Voyager and even managed to best and capture the mercenaries, planning to execute them during a live broadcast to the Bounty and Contract Association. However, the group managed to escape due to Pierce's faulty guards, and begin the crashing of the Ansra into Distress, causing the Distress Terracide.

Despite the odds being against him, Pierce managed to miraciously survive the disaster. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

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