Pan-Galactic Information Network
Founded By

Sela Xaxis, Lloyd

Years Active

A long time (TBD)

Based In

Deep Core Data Station, backup auxillaries located throughout galaxy


2 million employees


Bounty and Contract Association



Are you familiar with an encyclopedia? Take that, make information quantum electronic, and pump it with enough steroids to kill a platoon of Eurypts. Concentrate it all in one installation that needs so much power it relies on the energy released by the Galactic Center, black hole and stars all, just to function. You now have a hundredth of GalNet.

The Pan-Galactic Information Network, also known as GalNet, is an information network that contains knowledge from the entire galaxy, the main Galactic communications network due to utilizing an incredibly complex combination of quantum, theoretical, and classical physics for nigh-instantaneous FTL communication, and one of the only places able to accurately track Slip-Space entry and exit. It was co-founded by Sela Xaxis and the Bounty and Contract Association, the latter spearheaded by Lloyd. It holds every single paper, speech, or otherwise communicated information created since 3000 BS, all organized meticulously by topic and date.

The partnership with the BCA, however, required the creation of a section restricted to the highest-ranking Handlers. It is protected electronically by no less than twelve layers of constantly-updating electronic countermeasures, each and every one considered unbreakable, and physically by weaponry impossible without the immense energy output of the Galactic Center, and pushes the bounds of plausibility even then. This overkill protects the precious little data relating to the current Handlers themselves, as well as to data about the events leading up to and during The Scouring.

The BCA, however, brought in the materials, resources, and technology needed to construct and maintain the facilities needed to store and disseminate this massive amount of information.



Encyclopaedic SubnetEdit

  • Sentient Beings
  • Sentient Species
  • Public Politics
  • Public Military
  • Technology
  • History
  • Planets & Systems

Semi-Restricted Encyclopaedic SubnetEdit

  • Politics
  • Military

BCA Restricted Encyclopaedic SubnetEdit



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