I'm not here to talk about right or wrong. The law is the motherfuckin' law. I'm here to bring you in. Or your corpse; the NGLA's not too picky.
— Oiche Mhaith

Oiche Mhaith is the second-in-command of Nicholas Drauf's team.


Oiche is a human female of average height, with long, curly brown hair. She wears a grey, camo-patterned sweater over a set of dark green combat fatigues. She additionally wears a pair of bandoliers with spare shotgun shells strapped parallel from her right shoulder to left hip.


Born on the Human colony of Besgnae to an NGLA officer and her more mundane police husband, Oiche Mhaith wanted to be a lawman from an early age. She idolized her mother, enrolling in an NGLA academy as soon as she was able. Her parents were proud of her and spared no expense for her to follow in their footsteps. She did very well at the academy, and was on a fast track to becoming one of the NGLA's top members. Around this point, however, tragedy struck.

One of the criminals her mother had caught escaped Korydallos and tracked her down, bombing Oiche's childhood home. The resulting blast killed her father, and left her mother a barely-conscious shell of her former self, in constant pain. Oiche eventually had to choose to pull her mother off life support.

This decision, naturally, affected her emotionally. She developed clinical depression, and the ennui she felt sapped her physical and mental strength. She struggled where she one soared, and came close to dropping out of the academy. A concerned friend, however, convinced her to see a psychiatrist. After being on medication for a few months, she was able to pull through and defeat it.

Right after graduating, she was placed in the same squad as Nicholas Drauf, a convict-turned-NGLA operative. The two got along well, and have been close friends since. Oiche's depression-marred performance during her later years at the Academy prevented her from rising as quickly as she should have, but she has been overcoming that to make a name for herself as one of the NGLA's top agents.


Skeaver Spiker: The Spiker is a sawn-off 8-gauge shotgun Oiche looted from a dead Skeaver, modified later to have a muzzle break. It holds sixteen rounds in two revolver mechanisms, which can be swapped to change to a different fire mode. Usually fires slugs or a spread of spiked balls, akin to a miniaturized morning star, but Oiche has been known to use other, more exotic ammunition when needed.

H&C Lawman ICWP: Oiche’s other primary weapon, the Lawman ICWP is Heckler and Colt’s most versatile weapon and the main weapon of the NGLA. ICWP stands for Interchangeable Weapons Platform; it can, with a simple swap of barrels, function as a submachine gun, assault rifle, light machine gun, or sniper rifle. It is fed by a box magazine of 200 .50 BMG rounds; this particular weapon, like the rest of her teams', has been modified by the BCA to include a Higgs Field manipulator, which increases the mass of the frame enough to reduce recoil to almost nothing while firing.