• Have four fins sprouting like dragonfly wings from their back, and two more from their lower torso.
  • Six digits at the end of each fin.
  • Fins can collapse into limbs for walking, writing, etc.
  • Heads tend to be snake-like.
  • Members tend to be slightly nymphomaniac.
  • Females capable of breeding with almost any species
    • Able to change genetic makeup of sperm or egg to make a child of either species.


The Niso evolved on Toka, a watery planet with several habitable islands. The planet, however, was also very rich in radioactive materials, specifically Actinium. While the species' soft tissue is resistant to radiation, their gametes were not. This lead to a high rate of infertility in both males and females, leading the species to be slightly nymphomaniac so as to maximize their chances of having offspring. The destructive and recombinant nature of the radiation also shaped a special gland in the Niso's body, which allowed them to do the same. The females of the species found a use in that they could change the genetic coding of the sperm and egg before conception, letting them reproduce using a male of any sentient or non-sentient species.

They did not lose either trait after discovering interstellar travel. While they generally prefer watery environments, their amphibious nature allows them to inhabit any surface they land on. Niso are generally found employed in places where they can expect to receive or extort sexual favors, such as prostitutes, secretaries, or congressional interns. Niso females, due to their ability to alter gametes, are also typically employed in wildlife or sentient conservation efforts.

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