Neutral Galactic Law Arm
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Years Active

~2 billion years


Bounty and Contract Association


Bounty and Contract Association

The Neutral Galactic Law Arm, often shorted to NGLA or sometimes referred to as the "Hammers of Justice," is a galactic law enforcement organization that answers to no governmental body.


The being who started the NGLA 2 billion years ago remains unknown, but they created one the largest and most efficient law enforcement agency in the galaxy. They quickly grew in power to rival the BCA in terms of pure mano-a-mano combat strength. The two organizations eventually brokered a treaty which made the two into checks and balances for each other; the BCA could take contracts out on NGLA teams who were abusing their power or have gone rogue, while the NGLA were able to send teams after BCA crews or members that had far overstepped the bounds of decency in their actions.

Hammers of JusticeEdit

At some point in their operating life, the NGLA had acquired the nickname "Hammers of Justice" due to their swift and efficient execution of their duties, be it apprehending lawbreakers or killing them. This nickname is one that the NGLA tries to play up, giving their members certain guidelines to boost their PR and seem like the galactic heroes.

Notable MembersEdit