Naloon is a Chlorin gangster, using the peaceful-stereotype of his species to masquerade as a simple merchant on MegaPlex City.


Early LifeEdit

Naloon was born to a couple of traveling Chlorin merchants, spending most of his life on planets such as Toka, Scryia, Altaicia, and Courbohn rather than his home planet of Planae. Eventually growing into a merchant himself, his travels exposed him to many different cultures and goods, which he incorporated into his caravan, including drugs of all kind. His business led him to MegaPlex City, where he quickly established himself as a reliable merchant with a varied catalog. This sudden booming of his business upset several other competitors, who quickly tried to take over his business. Realizing the dangers of MegaPlex, Naloon took precautions and hired a local growing band of mercenaries to take out his rivals before absorbing their businesses into his, beginning his rising empire on MegaPlex

MegaPlex EmpireEdit

Naloon quickly grew accustomed to the MegaPlex and criminal lifestyles.

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