Since the missions are the core of the RP here, there's going to be a few ground rules for them. This is to make them more challenging as well as more fun.

Splitting the CrewEdit

To start with, the captain of the ship (Jack Yorke/Skully) will split his crew up based on the mission parameters. Sometimes one part will be going after a different objective, and other times they will stay back to guard the ship. Regardless, the entire crew won't always be working together. At least two crewmembers must be assigned to each squad.


Teams going on missions have a limited inventory they can carry. Any Eurypt crewmembers may carry up to six weapons systems and sixty mags of ammo total, while non-Eurypt crewmembers may carry up to three weapons systems and thirty mags of ammo total. Explosives and miscellaneous equipment (such as turrets or drones) will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Each crewmember not guarding the ship will have to declare what they're bringing with them.

Engineers may opt to being a selection of raw materials to use for building constructs on the fly as well, though the amount they can carry is limited by both how much their ship's cargo hold carries as well as their own personal strength.

Comment OrderEdit

After the captain in charge of the mission splits up his crew, I will post the comment order. Both teams' comment threads will be running concurrently. If one member of the team takes more than 48 hours to respond, then they shall be skipped to the next non-GM team member.


I'll add more as I think of things