The first child of a 'gang' doctor, Mikasa is no stranger to traveling as her family of five traveled around the galaxy due to her father's field of work. They would travel along with mercenary groups, pirates, arms dealers and regular ol' crime families. Assisting in her father's field of work as an assistant, she learned from an early age how to deal with wounds and various medications that come with being a doctor and as such is no stranger to the scalpel. A typical education was not to be granted, instead she mostly home schooled and learned through GalNet as a teacher.

Being taught firearms from the various groups that they were working with, Mikasa would use her surgical knowledge from the various species she's worked with to greater effect. During her travels, her father an old time friend of Ellen Thompson would allow Evan and young girl meet at an early age and the two became quick friends. The two would spend time with each other and play games, as well as teaching each other various tricks. This friendship would become incentive for Mikasa to join up with Evan soon after he founded Freelance.


  • H&C Frontier: Semi-automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine. With a far reaching range, this rifle is perfect for a scouting tool or sniping weapon, along serving a traditional combat role. Often given to those who first colonize Human worlds as a means of defense and commonly found among militias and military scouts or riflemen. Fired from the rifle intense plasma slugs that have been designed to have a tip to allow for quicker entry and more effective design.
  • Plasma Caster: SMG with 50-round clip, the weapon is fully automatic and offers solid close combat and traditional range options in this case. The bullets encased a plasma core and another layer of plasma is placed upon the original casing allowing for the firearm to give an intense helping of plasma that rips straight through flesh. The weapon unleashes storm of plasma balls, the closer the target is allows the Caster to get through armor.
  • Heckler & Colt Peacekeeper: Human-produced revolvers designed by legendary firearms maker. The weapon is a new spin on a classic-style of gun and is one of Yorke's preferred weapons as he has had it by his hide since the civil war. The weapon fires plasma-slugs out of a 12 round cylinder. Each new 'clip' is in the shape of a new cylinder thus removing the difficulty of having to load a single round at a round which was present in the much earlier line of Colts.