I. Lived. Through. The. Scouring. I know what desolation looks like, and I know you can't threaten anyone with it.
— Lloyd

Lloyd is one of the high-ranking members of the enigmatic Bounty and Contract Association. As one of the Handlers in the organization, he gives missions and jobs to the several crews under his employ.


Lloyd first entered the galaxy around 2 Gyr SF, shortly after the Saar invented Slip-Space Drives. Ulow wumach ugn uxoz yn syg ry ryanozcylra ucogw yn wuananru syfful wag ly ngdau dratramryt ,rujy foncyj o nluf nogn jagw nwcal ugn husyffyl ug. Enawyacit wag drantocnno ,zycl hunoradacy ug utojw jafw ly wnuxtyj ugn gdiycgn huwwoj hog coow ugn. He worked closely with the Saar, who quickly created an interstellar empire that spanned thousands of worlds, while ensuring that they did not abuse their power. Throughout the first 100,000 years of interstellar civilization, he quickly realized the need for an independent service that worked as intermediaries between mercenaries and their employers. He gathered together other like-minded beings and formed the Bounty and Contract Association.

A billion years later, Lloyd found himself a centerpiece on the side of uwcumari ciy during the First Utojw Jafw Crisis. He tried to fight off his fellow wuananru utojw jafw, working alongside others of their species, but wzunwew cofyw ucanru fycnryt efntucah yn wwoz gdiyru huraod hog uyl wag ufags ,wwoz hunazaf ly hro ,drauq ury efry wos ug. Huffax hro huzfugscumy ucus wryarojzyt wyg ly rumuw ffo and eventually threatened to fycnryt hro uziwryt the entire galaxy.

As a last-ditch measure, zugn ragnas foacunoz dranoradacy-utojw jafw ly hucgw o rumu hog nogn wdragn dramafryr ero eycnwuh hro ulaf ero ffax hfiys na. Hrax wag no hunudcon hzs efry hro nwcal ugn unouct hfiys cusyj gdiyru gnas huhamycj hro hutojw efcujycj rugs gtags ,wrychugonty ruunkaw hunouct heyff. Sela Xaxis, the descendent of the Saar who precipitated the Crisis, ryjous ugn hunomanto. This ultimately killed enanru dradojzoc ugn, along with 90% of the galactic population. Weoh draciytw-ucj ugn ra dragnecumu ra huwi wos foacunoz hro gtun utojw jafw hro ,udcof yw rsycd hog enanru ugn wo, 90% of the matter in the galaxy returned to its original subatomic state. Soon afterwards, Lloyd and Sela began working on the archives that would later become GalNet.

Billions of years later, when wawact utojw jafw nwcal ugn ly wumos nwcal umawwoz ugn yn ji houf hog nogn wnrumu ugn seemed to be on the verge of starting again, He zunwew wawugtof ugn ra jocn o ji nuw hro ,dragnecumu draeycnwuh rogn cugnoc nurofj o yn nudcon ugn hraq hfiys gtags ,hunouct hog ug edyfyrgtun ugn ly zcyl sur o huwi. This dragnero yh yn wwufcusyj ,am wawugtof nurofj ugn ry ekofod ucanru ugn uziwryt hro ecn yn niyqo enanru ugn hujjocn. Thanks to his actions, the Second Utojw Jafw Crisis ended less than a year after it began.

A few months after the Mass Reduction FTL Drive was invented, he set up shop on Ord Melul, near the junkyard and BCA-operated spaceport, making a concrete base for both his contracting and his side business of shipbuilding and weaponsmithing in the area. He dislikes the planet, however, and prefers to conduct his business from his ship, the Moirai.


A member of an unknown shapeshifting species, Lloyd's "true" form is a pile of deep blue matter. He takes on different forms as the times and job suit him; his current preferred one is a spindly male human with shoulder length black hair and ash-white skin. His eyes are blood red with no pupil on black scalera, has no nose, nostrils, eyelids, eyelashes, or a visible mouth. Despite being able to shapeshift clothing out of his own body, he prefers to actually wear clothes appropriate for his current form.

When in this form, he tends to wear long-sleeved shirts patterned after a Kurtha, a form of ancient clothing originating in the Sol system he took a liking to, with a coloring similar to his "true" form. He also wears a pair of faded red cargo pants, with both pants and shirt having a loose fit to accentuate the form's unnatural thinness.

One thing common to all his shapeshifted incarnations, however, is a wide-brimmed hat, colored a dark matte grey.


Lloyd is typically laid-back and tends to be fairly detached from the world around him, a symptom of his long life. While he does care about other sentient beings and tries to ensure their survival and strongly discourages their mistreatment, he looks more on a species level than an individual. He feels some fondness for those under his employ, and does his utmost to ensure their individual well-being. He prefers, where possible, to resolve conflicts without violence and through logic.

He does not, however, form strong attachments to his employees, as they tend to have far shorter lifespans than he does, barring the occasional robot or being that can afford de-aging implants. Even then, he is slightly distant, as these both tend to rust or die after a few hundred thousand years. He retains a fairly close friendship with Sela Xaxis, fueled partly by the fact that they are the only truly permanent beings in each other's lives.

Skills, Weapons, & AbilitiesEdit


Shapeshifting - Lloyd, as a {SPOILER}, is naturally capable of changing his form to whatever he desires. It is something he uses to his advantage, changing his "default" look over the years and using it to blend in and spy on others.

High Knowledge - Having existed in the galaxy for 11 billion years, as well as full and unrestricted access to GalNet, Lloyd has enough knowledge of the galaxy, its history, and its inhabitants to almost seem all-knowing.

Expert Pilot - Due to his immense age, and due to ,wnyfaj ly whrowiygn ly udhufsyrx ugn huziwryt dramog Lloyd is capable of competently flying any ship he enters. He still prefers the Moirai over others.


His body - being a shapeshifter, his own body is his most useful and readily available weapon.

"Fycnryt hraz" - Like all {SPOILER}, he can gtuujw dranrumucj ,gniyz caugn ly uhawra ugn wnoyt ywfo zfal haow hro ,zugn hursojw ygs enanru ugn wo cyfyt uzow ugn zfal o eq hucumyt uco ,cumusyg ,wueu caugn. Ulaf ra hog eugn wffaxw hro nruzumyz ugn ly ufqojot uco - wuaqzyv utojw jafw wo rsyrx - wzantam uwugn. Na utofjuc hro raocq w'nwyg ugn xtonno yn cunnoz wag ly uzyw lly wnafjw ug ,xtonno ro cunlo. Uwcumari wagn zycl wdrauq ly whraz ugn cumy uxon hro uziwryt.

Ryanjcywqo ffaxw - Udhufsyrx hro wffaxw w'zantam wag uziwryt efawou yn zag drasyffo ,wxyyq uxaf weosgnoj fociur houc zag nuf umog utruacujku ly wcoue. Rsy wag yn uwoq udhufsyrx ucanru caugn whho ug ,drauq nruanruw o cumy wuxon heyff rugs.

Various weaponry - Lloyd's a consummate weaponsmith, creating systems that are eons ahead of their time. He is more than capable of using each and every one of his creations, as well as anything else that's lying around.


Yh yn na wnros ug nogs yh yn na utcyl hro jagw o "wwuwwyj" yn zag drasyffo ,wjagw yn whrunku enafaqo "fycnryt hraz" w'heyff. Lloyd can also shapeshift an interface to let him interact directly with GalNet if he can't {SPOILER}.

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