Lamia System
Star Type

Single; F2V Main-Sequence Star, White

Number of Planets


Galactic Sector


Important Structures

Distress, Abandoned research station, Asteroid belt



Lamia IEdit

An uninhabitable desert planet about the size of Mercury, covered with sand and constantly bombarded with sandstorms. Tall chocolate brown mountains also cover the planet, rising above the sandstorms. Orbital Radius: 0.38 AU


A desert and jungle planet home to the Skeaver, around the size of Venus. The planet is named after a trick distress beacon used by the Skeaver to lure and kill unfortunate victims. Orbital Radius: 2.05 AU

Abandoned Research StationEdit

An abandoned research station in Distress's orbit, formerly inhabited by Altaic scientists studying the planet before being ambushed and massacred by the Skeavers. The Skeaver pirates now use the research station as a home and outpost decorated with the bones and fur of the Altaic scientists. Orbital Radius: 2.05 AU

Asteroid BeltEdit

A large grouping of asteroids, notable for being difficult to traverse through. Orbital Distance: 5.52 AU

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