Kazuo Oyuki, best known by his alias White Wolf, is a former martial artist turned Yakuza cyborg assassin now currently acting as a freelance amoral bounty hunter, hunting down those who escape justice for the highest bidder.


Early LifeEdit

In his former life, Kazuo Oyuki was once a rising star in the Japanese martial arts world. He made his name known as a Jijutsu champion, but after winning several tournaments Kazuo quickly found distaste for it as it brought no more skills and worthy opponents before. He soon turned his attention to other forms of martial arts such as Karate, Akido, and Kendo. He'd acquired a unique mindset that made him a "prodigy" of sorts when it came to close quarter combat. Each fighting style Kazuo sought he'd mastered in miraculous time, only to be dissatisfied with the results later on. Despite his amazing ability it was Kazuo's own pride and greed that truly kept from reaching the true form of all martial arts: Honor in both body and soul.

Meet Midway and Slice the Void in Aimless FlightEdit

Escort MissionEdit

Skills, Weapons, & AbilitiesEdit




  • Superhuman Strength - Due to his metallic body structure, White Wolf is able to exert strength far beyond human physical capabilities. His max strength ranges up to 5 tons. He uses his strength to max proficiency through his swordsmanship by cutting through most objects with little resistance.
  • Superhuman Speed - Due to his metallic body structure, White Wolf's exerts speed beyond human limitation. While in motion, White Wolf is able to run up to 100 miles mph at top speed.
  • Superhuman Reflexes - White Wolf 's were altered 30x faster than the average human being after his surgery. With it, he is able to think and react to situations much more quickly than the average combatant. Matched with his speed, he is able to dodge firearms for brief moment  before covering enough distance to use his swordsmanship with max proficiency.
  • Durability - Made from metallic material similar to those used in making military grade ships, White Wolf is able to withstand sever amount of physical damage and still be affective in combat. However, heat, especially from explosives and plasma weaponry, are able to damage his metallic skin and do some serious harm in the process.
  • Enhanced Senses - White Wolf's Senses are 10x more refined than the average human senses. Kazuo is able to see a quarry from up to 10 miles ahead. His hearing is so refined and precise, he can hear the individual flapping wings of a hummingbird.
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