• Bipedal
  • Have a Cobra-like body & head
  • Has thick arms and legs
  • High strength
  • Sees in infrared spectrum


  • Large Viper-like snake
  • Translucent, scaled exoskeleton
  • 60% neural cells, 55% cardiovascular cells
  • Sees in infrared spectrum


The Ira'Preja are a tribal society, only discovering space travel after reverse-engineering a crashed Revnorian starship. Their culture has one tenant and one tenant only: if someone thinks it's worth having, it's worth taking away.

It was recently discovered, however, that each individual "tribe" is actually a single individual. The Ira'Preja roaming the galaxy were only the Ira, or limbs, of the Preja, or brains. Each Ira is capable of speech, but only the Preja is capable of independent thought. The sensory input of each Ira is processed by the Preja, giving it a wide view of the outer world.

Though no attempts have been made, it is thought that a Preja connected to no Ira could sense Slip-Space without succumbing to insanity, due to their ability to process multiple simultaneous inputs.

Many of the Ira'Preja have developed god complexes due to their ability to be nearly omniscient if they have multiple Ira scattered about. This has colored and influenced most of their interactions, with several aggressive individuals trying unsuccessfully to add other species into the hive-mind.

Their arrogance proved to be their downfall, however. Confident in their superiority, most tried to go the path of conquerors. Each and every one failed and was killed, and numerous retaliatory invasions of A'Trini further thinned the herd. Currently, there are only two individuals left: Risir, and a reclusive BCA Handler.

Relationships With Other SpeciesEdit

  • Niso: The Niso on Toka are one of the biggest providers of sex slaves in the galaxy. The Ira'Preja like this, since it lets them reproduce easily thanks to the Niso female's genetic manipulation abilities.
  • Revnorian: The Ira'Preja have great respect for the Revnorians. This stems from the fact that it was a reverse-engineered Revnorian starship that first propelled the species into the stars. Like all other species, however, the Ira'Preja view themselves as a superior race. Their respect for this species is typically shown by capturing their vessels and attempting to force them to join a Preja's hivemind.
  • Skeaver: Skeavers are considered a delicacy by the Ira'Preja, and have sparked an informal war between the two cultures.

Mannequin SketchEdit