Horus Arms prefers a more...'rustic' approach to their weapons.
— Basta
Horus Armaments
Founded By

Horus Bellon

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Arms Manufacturing


Heckler & Colt, Trident Weapons

Horus Armaments, is an Altaic-run firearm company that deals in classic styled weapons such as revolvers, break-action, lever-action shotguns, and a few others ranged weapons.  While not one of the top companies in the Universe, Horus Arms holds a niche market for mercs who like to go with a more 'rustic' styled gun.


The company was founded by Altaic weaponsmith Horus Bellon, who was fascinated with ancient firearms. Horus began mass-producing antique styles of firearms and crossbows. Altaicia's status as a trade hub helped him find a niche market amongst both collectors and mercs with a rustic taste, and he was able to expand his business to be one of the top gun makers on Altaicia. 

Being one of the top gunsmiths on a mostly-peaceful planet, however, doesn't typically lend one much credence. Horus Armaments was just profitable enough to stay afloat, but with little cash to spend on marketing or expansion. Eventually, the need for capital and the death of Horus Bellon forced the company to make more modern firearms with more durable materials, though they were typically finished to retain the antique visual identity the company had made for itself. Despite this move, it has never been able to break the first impression of an antiques shop, and so remains barely profitable to this day.


Type Name Magazine Cartridge Range RoF
Double-Barreld Shotgun 'Omallery' 2 slugs 10-guage 30 yards N/A
Revolver 'Capozzi' 7 rounds .38 100 yards N/A
Crossbow 'Spano' 5 bolt magazine crossbow bolt 150 yards N/A
Derringer 'Anastaisa' 1 round .41 5 yards N/A
Crossbow Pistol 'Cassio' 1 bolt crossbow bolt 50 yards N/A
SMG 'Fajardo' 30 rounds 9x19 Parabellum 100 Yards 450 rounds/min
Pump-Action Shotgun 'Reynolds' 5 slugs 12 guage 50 Yards N/A
Pistol 'Shespet' 10 rounds .5 cm diameter conical flechettes 24 yards Semi-auto

Extra info:Edit

  • Due to the lighter frame of the Altaics, the firearms tend to have less recoil in comparison to other firearms of similar typing.
  • The Fajardo is notorious for it's shotty craftsmanship.  In addition to jamming easily, their thin metal walls overheat with ease.  Due to them only bought as collector items, Horus Arms has an abundance of them and actually rewards salesmen who are able to sell them
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