Heckler & Colt Firearms
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Karl Wilhelm & Robin Walker

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Firearms, explosives, armor, manufacturing,




Dazzer Co. and Trident Tech

Long ago, there was and old frontier, known to Earth as the West. Those days have long since passed, but in our lives still live on. We have expanded to a new frontier, allow us to protect you through this journey.
— Henry Colt
Forward. Allow us to guide your hand through the unknown of a new frontier. And if the need to be used are called for, to send thy enemies to eternal peace. Amen.
— Heckler & Colt creed

Heckler & Colt Firearms (or H&C for short) is the premier Human-based firearms manufacture in the galaxy. Specializing in various firearms, armor, explosives and even manufacturing of various other products for the known cosmos. Known to be one of the largest and quite possibly the greatest firearms companies in the galaxy, its main rivals for this title being Trident Tech & Dazzer Co.. The company was formed after ancient firearms companies, Colt Firearms & Heckler & Kock merged into the behemoth known to this day.

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Type Name Magazine Cartridge Range RoF
Pistol Peacekeeper 12-round cylinder Plasma slugs 100-150 meters Semi-Auto
Shotgun Jackal 16-round box magazine Plasma slugs 100 meters Semi-Automatic; double-barreled
ICWP Lawman ICWP 200-round .50 BMG N/A N/A
Machine Pistol Lodestar 21-round magazine .45 ACP or Plasma-enchanced rounds 100-150 meters Semi-Automatic, 3-round burst or full auto 
Assault Rifle Knightfall (Working name) 100-round magazine Various 800-1000 meters Semi-Auto; Five-round burst; Full-Auto
Sniper Rifle N. Field Rifle 15-round magazines Plasma slug 1000 meters Bolt-action
Battle Rifle Cogburn 30-round magazines Plasma bullets 900 meters Semi-automatic
SMG MP60 45-round magazines 12mm 300 meters 650 rounds per minute
Shotgun Furiosa 2 shells Plasma shells 75 meters Semi-automatic