As everyone is a major player of some sort in the galaxy, your actions will determine whether the galaxy falls into chaos or unites itself and stabilizes. The missions you undertake, the choices therein, and the way you complete them all factor into this total.


Each mission has an intrinsic value for Stability and Chaos, which depends on the mission's objectives. You are not able to influence this at all. What you can affect, however, is what you do in the mission. If you complete a mission in a way that promotes stability, you add to your stability total; chaos is the same. Additionally, some missions have decision points, indicated either OOC or IC using colored text. Choosing the stability option will add to your stability score, while choosing the chaos option will add to your chaos score. Some choices are binary, but others are given as guidelines where you can perform actions that add to both your chaos and stability scores. You can see how you're doing below, and the table will be updated periodically.

Stabilizing choices are in blue.

Chaotic choices are in orange.

The Missions category contributes 100 points towards the total for the Dawn Voyager and 200 points for solo missions. Choices and Actions count for double. Each member of the Dawn Voyager crew present for a choice discussion will adds a fraction of 100 points to the total, for a total of 100 points in the decision process and an extra 100 for the choice itself.

Current StatusEdit

State of the Galaxy:Edit


Individual ValuesEdit

Crew Total Chaos Total Stability Points Contributed Percent Chaos Percent Stability
Dawn Voyager 1480 1720 3200 46.25% 53.75%
White Wolf 440 160 600 73.33% 26.67%
Nero 300 100 400 75.00% 25.00%
Evan & Freelance 535 465 1000 53.50% 46.50%
Theo & The Raven 190 10 200 95.00% 5.00%
Remy & R'yth 10 390 400 2.50% 97.50%
TOTAL 2955 2845 5800 50.95% 49.05%