Drothians are the native and dominant species of the planet Drothe


The Drothians are a long lived civilization made up of hundreds of tribes on the planet Drothe.  For the majority of their history, there was no unity between most tribes.  Most either wared with each other or remained solitary.  50,000 years ago, Zakatar, the leader of an empircal tribe, the largest one on Drothe sought to bring peace between all tribes to further expansion throughout the galaxy.  Drothians had already well expanded, but fighting amongst each other heavily disrupted this.  It took several decades, but eventually Zakatar was able to bring permenant peace.  Any tribal conflict would be brought before selected neutral party and sought out.

Tribal cultures vary heavily.  Some are empires, some mercenaries, some explores, others scientists.  Tribes share information and resources with each other both in trade and to further common goals.  Since the peace Drothians have prospured and expanded throughout the galaxy.  Some peacefully, and others, mainly empircal ones, have expanded much more violently.

In recent history, the empircal tribe of Mak'lich launched a full scale invasion of the Skaakian homeworld, bombing several cities including the capital.  The Skaakians quickly retaliated with  Operation Undertaker which It resulted in the cutting of all Drothian supply lines, destruction of most orbiting spacecraft including the capital ship.  The Skaakians then launched a full scale invasion of Drothe resulting in a ten year long war.  

18 years ago a treaty was signed promising to end all hostilities between the two races, ending the war.  Tensions remain high, however.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Bi-pedal
  • Breathe Fluorine
  • About 7'6 feet tall
  • Live long (undecided how long) life spans
  • Cannot survive for long periods of time in environments above zero.  Don't like temperatures higher than -30 degrees celsius.  Cannot survive over a week in environments hotter than 1 degree.
  • In order to survive in hotter environments, they wear chestplates with a single large tube on the inside that cools their body to the appropriate temperature
  • Bodies are capable of withstanding extremely high pressure due to their environment.
  • Learn very quickly.


Cultural DescriptionEdit

  • Tribal
    • Cultures vary.  Some empirical, others mercenary, some explorer based.
  • Technologically Advanced


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