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Distress, beautiful place. You can either die of fatigue in the desert, be eaten by the wildlife in the jungle, or hunted down by the Skeaver, well, everywhere. Take your pick.
BOB-5 on Distress

Distress is a desert and jungle planet located in the Lamia System, feared for it's harsh survival conditions, wildlife, and the vicious native Skeaver. The planet is named after a trick distress beacon used by the Skeavers to lure and kill unfortunate victims.

A barren desert known as "Dead Man's Venture" covered most of the planet, named for the large amount of remains of helpless travelers. A jungle portion covered a small fifth of the planet, and was the only habitable part other than The Underground. The Amazon-like jungle had an abundance of wildlife and constant rainstorms. Skeavers lived and operated in the jungle, as well as The Underground, a dark, damp, and humid place crudely decorated by the Skeavers with the remains of their victims.

The Distress Terracide that resulted from the destruction of the Ansra changed this harsh but habitable world into a wasteland. The landscape is currently unknown, as the massive dust storms kicked up by the disaster still block external views of the planet. Models of the disaster tend to agree, however, that the shock of the impact was powerful enough to change the shape of mountains across the planet, both by causing earthquakes and by virtue of compressing the mantle of the planet, creating volcanoes that further reshape the planet.