Dawn Voyager

Jack Yorke




Roar-Ree, Abram Abakumov (Formerly)


Basta Sekmet


Stefan Kanoff


Har-Bak, Oeh-Wje, Itslthmis Rh'ka (Formerly)

FTL Drive

Hadron Supercoil

Current Location

Ord Melul

Ain't the prettiest ship I ever seen, but one thing's for sure; she sticks tough and strong no matter what shit storm we go through.

The Dawn Voyager is the main ship followed in the Endless Skies story. It was initially bought from Lloyd on Ord Melul, where it was newly built using the scrap junk on the planet. Jack Yorke, the captain and owner of the ship, hired his crewmembers from the planet itself. The price, however, was working for Lloyd's branch of the Bounty and Contract Association, with a small price skimmed off the top of contract payments.


The Dawn Voyager is equipped with a Hadron Supercoil FTL drive. It currently has the standard-model medium armor plating, 2-foot thick plasma-buffered alloy, with a network of carbon nanotubes supporting it. Since the metal is reused junk from Ord Melul, however, another inch-thick carbon fiber mesh coats the inner side, so as to stop and cracks or rusting from penetrating the hull. It currently has ten plasma cannons; two each are mounted on the longer sides and under the cockpit. One cannon is attached to each of the four thrusters.


The ship is 130.15 m (427 ft) in length, 57.9 m (190 ft) in width, and 22.9 m (75 ft) in height. It has a smooth, curved upper hull, tapering flat towards the rear. The lower hull is more angular and a thinner, more boxy design. This lower section is the main area for the cargo holds; most of the rear of the ship is comprised of the Hadron Supercoil and the massive quad thrusters. These engines comprise 25% of the ship's width by themselves. When in sublight mode, they are typically retracted into the rotating ring that surrounds the aft end of the ship. When in FTL mode, they extend outwards and the ring's rotation is locked.

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