Dyhmandh System


Lush Jungle

Native Species



Theocratic Monarchy


8 billion



A rock with nothing but volcanoes, jungles, and isonlationist Scorps. Oh what a joyous place!
— BOB-5

A terrestrial world that is filled with jungles and mountains, which takes three times as long to orbit their star as the Earth does the Sun. The rich network of active volcanoes and geysers rapidly spread water around the planet, with several eruptions frequently coinciding to produce massive thunderstorma that sweeps the planet, contributing to this lush, jungle environment.

The planet's main species, the Eurypt, live in various city-like tribes, or monasteries. The lush jungle-like environment limits farming on the planet but promotes agricultural activities. The mountains are often steep and rugged, prohibiting city-life but allowing for mining sites, manufacturing buildings, and other industrial work places to settle there. The Eurypt are the dominant species, being the top of Courbohn's food chain. 

Towns of Courbohn are often based around rivers, as surface water sources are few and far between. Surface water sources have become scarce lately, due to the extended funding into military recovery that the Eurypt government has incorporated, and most damns to control water have fallen into a less than satisfactory state. Most sources are either underground and hard to reach or near the stomping grounds of some of the larger and more dangerous creatures in the jungle.

Cuisine focuses on mostly agricultural supplies, sch as {fruit}, {vegetable}, {grain}, and {fruit}, but also houses a good deal of fauna and megafauna that provide a source of protein to the Eurypt. 

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