The Chlorin are a plant-like race that are native to Planae. Chlorin are one of the more peaceful and less-threatening species in the galaxy, large in part due to their cultural beliefs and weak bodies.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Ranging from 5' 3" to 6' 2" in height
  • Slender, androgynous frame
  • Moss-like skin
  • Eyes are typically various shades of brown (maple, redwood, chestnut, etc)
  • Root-like feet
  • Function best in environments with clean atmosphere


The Chlorins' belief in balance between nature and progress comes from their core religion of Phyta.  They believe that while their species will go on, becoming more advanced, that they are still capable of keeping the beauty of their planet alive.  In Phyta, there are 8 dieties who represent the different aspects of Phyta:

  • Affodell, the Spirit of Choice, is the diety of chiefs, captains, and others in leadership positions
  • Rhodon, the Spirit of Protection, is the diety of guards, caretakers, and others who take care of the weak
  • Helian, the Spirit of Purity, is the diety of farmers, planters, and those who work with nature
  • Convolv, the Spirit of Trust, is the diety of law-enforcers, judges, and those who work with the law.
  • Lilium, the Spirit of Defense, is the dieties of soldiers, fighters, and others who fight for a living.
  • Antirhin, the Spirit of Love, is the diety of Romance and those whose profession deals with love

Chlorins are for the most part, born and raised on their home planet of Planae where they are taught the principles of Phyta.  How closely the adhere to the religion is thier chocie; some hardly recognize the dieties while other spend their life following every aspect.

Biological IntricaciesEdit

Essentially a setient, humanoid plant, the Chlorins share several features to their plant cousins.

  • Bones are equal to that of petrified wood
  • Rapid cellular regeneration that can heel up to medium wounds and injuries within days, such as gashes, broken bones, missing fingers/toes, and burns
  • Chlorins take in nutrients from the soil and water through their feet and mouth.  While they will on occasion eat actual meals, they don't eat meat.

Interaction With Other SpeciesEdit

  • Human: Opinions on Humans vary between Chlorins.  Some frown on them for how much of their planet they have cleared for technological advancements, but others are fine with them for their attempts to mend their previous mistakes with use of renewable energies.
  • Altaic: The Chlorins were appreciative of the Altaic's hospitality to the other species, and have trade agreements for havest goods.
  • Eurypt: After the devastating effects of The Gathering War, a Eurypt mercenary company called the Savage Sickle decided to expand outward to establish a more powerful place for Courbohn. Their first assignment was to establish a prescense on Planae, where they serve as a more adequate military force.
  • Skeaver: Skeavers often kidnap Chlorin and force them to grow, periodically cutting off parts of them to smoke as recreational drugs.
  • Revnorian: TBW
  • Niso: TBW
  • Teropus: TBW