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The Bounty and Contract Association is a loose conglomerate that accepts, performs, and creates bounty or contract work. While the Association considers the mercenaries, thieves, and other various beings who regularly take missions from them as their "employees," they are not actual members of the BCA; that is reserved for those who assign and help assign said missions.

There is an unknown, but small, number of "Handlers," the highest-ranking members of the organization, who rule in a somewhat clandestine oligarchy, though most would liken it to a Board of Directors. Each Handler gives contracts to his specific employees, and claims certain ones that come to the BCA in general. Handlers tend to have at least one Bodyguard and Secretary. These three ranks are the sole beings considered to be the actual members of the organization.

Notable MembersEdit


The Handlers, Bodyguards, and Secretaries in the BCA are a wide and varied people, with skills in many different areas. Several of them are capable of manufacturing weapons, ships, and cybernetics; most of these are one-off custom-built items, but for those wishing to replicate it there are blueprints in the BCA-restricted section of GalNet.


Type Name Unique Creator Current owner
Starship Dawn Voyager Y Lloyd Jack Yorke


Type Name Magazine Cartridge Range RoF Info
Carbine "Annihilator" 10,000-round Box Mag Antimatter Canister 1km 350 rounds/min fully automatic Internal miniature Hadron Supercoil produces antimatter. Sealed inside the canister in breach. Also used as propellant, launching canister at 0.5c. Canister fails exactly one kilometer away from gun.
Pistol BCA-UP-1 "Overcompensation" 10-round Box Mag .45 ACP depleted uranium 300 m Semi-Automatic Each cartridge uses thermite-based propellant, allowing firing in oxygen-poor conditions.
Sniper Rifle "Hall Rifle" 15-shot battery Plasma Slug 30 km Semi-Automatic Has an intake vent on the stock, used to gather gas to generate plasma slug. Stock contains Hall Ion Engine, used to propel the slug to ~30 km/s.
Assault Rifle "Rail Rifle" 80-round Drum Mag 5mm Diameter Sphere 1 km Semi-Automatic Uses high-temperature superconducting electromagnets to accelerate the projectiles to .25c between four rails. The high speeds will create a small plasma field around the ball under normal atmospheric conditions or similar occasions where there is a high density of atomic or sub-atomic particles to collide with.

Ship PartsEdit

Type Name Misc Cost
Defense System HSC Point-Defense System Converts antimatter from HSC Drive to point-defense cannons

Cybernetic EnhancementsEdit

Type Name Function Cost
Cybernetic Upgrade BCA-Connect HUD Implant Upgrade Connect to BCA Bounty Board, accept contracts, track targets, and find the nearest bar.
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