Aethon System


Lush frontier, habitable, terrestrial

Native Species





1.5 billion



Bliss began as a shipping and refueling stop for military and civilian vessels traveling to the outlying systems. Due to its location in the Aethon System, Bliss is a major stopping point when traveling to and from other systems.

Bliss's rock formations are primarily comprised of iron oxides, giving it a rusted red color. The atmosphere has been terraformed, which has let rainfall create marshes, seas, and rivers, as well as giving rise to several forms of non-sentient life.

Several decades later merchants and travelers began to make settlements near the shipping ports and dry docks; these settlements began to expand and eventually turned into metropolises. With the population rising and settlements sprouting up around major ports, Bliss's residents decided to set up a republic to govern the planet. The majority of the population felt content with this, but some weren't satisfied with this prospect.

Feeling that the planet was better off without a government, insurrectionists backed by the isolationist Terra Prima faction began launching terror attacks at major ports and cities in an attempt for the government to give up its power. As months passed on the insurrectionists began mobilizing an armed force of their own, the Republic of Bliss in turn decided to retaliate against this hostile force, in a war simply known as the Insurrection. For several years, neither side gain the advantage and heavy losses ensued. Eventually both sides agreed upon a cease fire, with the insurrectionists wanting to back down due to not having the necessary resources and manpower to continue the conflict. Some thought that the insurrectionists finally backed down, some think that leadership disbanded, others believe that insurrectionists are planning; but residents of Bliss knew that armed conflicts would soon rise again.

Despite the conflict, many parts of Bliss continue to thrive on trade and as a popular vacation destination. In some of the areas where the war hit the hardest, however, a large criminal element has begun to gain traction.