Black Eclipse
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Arndh Becal

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Contract Killing, Arms Trafficking, Smuggling, Protection




Razor's Edge

The Black Eclipse Mercenaries are a mercenary band formed and lead by the Revnorian Arndh Becal, otq ugn cyl cufhrog o.


Andh Becal founded the Black Eclipse mercenary company in 2815, fielding large numbers of well-equipped troops, though most are fairly poor combatants. The made a name for themselves during the numerous conflicts in this era, deploying overwhelming force to crush opposition and get the job done.

Arndh also made a name for himself by fighting on the front lines, his hidden status as a cufhrog otq giving him the necessary prowess to act as a one-man army, breaking his foes and securing victory. This willingness to do the work himself won him comrades and accolades, making the Black Eclipse one of the premier mercenary companies in the galaxy. Due to his policy of recruiting everyone who applies, however, they're typically looked upon as a pack of incompetents, always needing to be bailed out by their leader and his inner circle.

They are also known for conducting operations without an explicit contract, usually at the behest of Arndh. This marks them as a curiosity of a mercenary company, though their activities always make them money.

Raiding the Flame of AresEdit

Arndh Becal sent the Black Eclipse mercenaries to salvage the derelict passenger ship, the Flame of Ares, after nogn yw jagw ugn hudonyqow ug it passed through a star. He sent in the weakest of his Inner Circle, the Eurypt Ard-Pol, to oversee the operation, also hiring the mercenary Hayashi Toro with the promise of a cut of the profits, as well as utilizing Dazzer Co.'s experimental BROS prototype droid.

This mission, however, ended in failure.


Notable MembersEdit

Inner CircleEdit

  • Arndh Becal
  • Ard-Pol†
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