First, I'll have my boys gut you with their finely sharpen claws. Then, we'll hang you up by your intestines and make you watch as we feast on your innards raw.
— Big Mama

Big Mama (real name unknown) is an albino cyborg Skeaver, and the supreme commander and leader of Distress and the pirate army.


Early LifeEdit

Being an albino, Big Mama was kept safe and held sacred upon birth for her unique fur and birthmarks. Upon hearing of her birth, the Revnorian military invaded Distress in an attempt to "save" her from future violence, causing a bloody battle between the Revnorians and Skeaver, resulting in a high-death count on the latter's side. Big Mama was successfully captured and taken to Revnor to be raised and studied.

Escape from RevnorEdit

10 years later, the Skeaver Pirates invaded a Revnor colony in a surprise attack, destroying and killing everything insight. The Pirates managed to retain Mama and brought her back to Distress, where she was taught her true background and raised to be the future leader of the planet and Skeaver.

Cyborg Queen of DistressEdit

Using stolen Revnorian and CyberAug Industries technology, Mama modified herself using cyborg augmentations, both mechanical and nanotech. These augmentations have given her an intimidation factor and help her rule and fight. Today, she has become one of the most feared beings in the galaxy for her ruthlessness and brutality, especially towards Revnorians whom she despises with a passion.

Skills, Weapons, & AbilitiesEdit


  • High Intelligence - Being raised by Revnorians, Big Mama has a high intellect in comparison to other Skeaver even despite her aggressiveness.


  • The Butcher - A unique Skeaver revolver, having four large cylinders that fire .50 AE rounds. A crude 8 in. jagged blade is equipped as a bayonet under the barrel.
  • The Chopper - A D-49 rifle modified with a 100-round magazine, red dot sight, scope, and bayonet.
  • Titanium Claws - Strong retractable Titanium Claws that can easily cut through most metals and armors. Apart of her cyborg arms.


  • Incredible Strength - Mama's augmented arms give her above-human strength, enough to lift up most species with just one hand.
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