Dr. Atea Hazi, D.Sc. is an Altaic Cyborg. Originally a scientis odds at on Ansra, after the station was taken she trained with the Revnorian military to track down and kill the Skeaver responsible for ththe attack.

Early LifeEdit

Atea Hazi was born to a scientist mother and a military father. She had many congenital defects, such as albinism, blindness in her left eye, and a missing right ear. As a result of these, she was expected to die within a month. She beat the odds and survived, going on to become one of Altaicia's premier xenogeologists.

She was prominent enough in her field to earn a spot on Ansra, a space station constructed in Skeaver space to study the unique conditions on Distress. Her father was also taken on board as the chief of security, and introduced her to another member of the security team, a cyborg named Sphinx. The two grew close, and eventually started a romantic relationship.

Take Back the Windy Skies of Your Barren HomeworldEdit

Atea was the sole member of the space station's crew to escape. TBC

Never Split the PartyEdit

Atea later showed up on Bliss, contacted by Lloyd to help BOB-5 and Yorke to attack one of Risir's bases. Now cybernetically augmented and having been trained by the Revnorian military, she proved a valuable asset to the team.



Atea is easily identifiable, as an albino Altaic with a blind left eye. Her left arm is cybernetic, and she tends to wear a lab coat over military fatigues.

Skills, Weapons, and AbilitiesEdit




  • Cybernetics:
    • Arm: Atea's left arm is cybernetic.
      • Plasma Canon: Intake vents on the shoulder charge up a plasma canon, which decimates flesh and metal alike.
      • Plasma Claws: Much like her late girlfriend, Atea has a set of retractable, high-energy plasma claws attached to her cybernetic arm. Unlike Sphinx, however, these claws are thin and short, restricting their use to surprise attacks.
    • Enhancements: Atea has several less-intrusive cybernetic enhancements, which increase her speed, durability, and reaction time.
  • Revnorian War Staff: A staff made by the Revnorian military and giv

en only to their elite Combat Scientists. Contains a set of filaments that transfers all the energy trapped within to an infrared laser.



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