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Altaicia is a generally dry and arid planet, with most of its water trapped in underground wells, caves, and seas. The feline Altaic evolved from this into a nomadic culture, focusing on trade and interdependence as that is what was needed to survive above ground.


Prior to the Interstellar Space Age, Altaicia's infasctructure relied on nomadic-like cities and large sand skiffs to transport goods.  Once the Humans and other species began landing on the planet, the Altaicia began settling their cities down to accomodate the massive number of people coming to the planet.

Flora & FaunaEdit

Many cities dot the surface, all built near the entrance to a cave or tunnel that contains fresh water. Within the underground water, several species of eyeless fish have evolved, from the tame Rem caught and eaten as a delicacy to the large, vicious Hatmehit, whose fiercely territorial nature drives it to attack those approaching its waters.

Many of the fruits, like the Ashelta and the Setra are farmed due to their flavor and usages in beverages.

Major ExportsEdit

  • Ashelta, Setra, and other various fruits
  • Rem meat and eggs

Major EventsEdit

  • (Year/Date): Human make contact with the Altaic race for the first time
  • (Year/Date to Year/Date): More races begin coming to Altaicia as the Altaic join the interstellar races.
  • (Year/Date): The Skeavers land and begin hunting Altaicia
  • (Year/Date): Altaics join the galactic coalition against the Skeavers
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