Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Around the height of an average human
    • Tend to be leaner
  • Has fur all over their bodies
    • Fur tends to have a striped pattern
  • Four digits on each limb, rather thick and padded.
  • Has retractable claws on each digit
  • Tiger-like face, often sporting fangs
  • Frequently styles and dyes scalp hair to fit in with human standards of beauty
  • Females go into a state of increased sexual drive about once every two months.
  • Males have a large tuff of fur on their upper chest.


Prior to before joining the rest of the space-faring races, the Altaics were a nation dedicated social interactions and free-trade. Once other species began landing, the Altaics took full advantage of their new visitor, creating trade routes with these species. Eventually, the Altaics began to join crews of various ships as merchants to other planets, and soon the term "Altaic Shop" was used to descripe a store or shop that carried all kinds of goods and services.

The Altaic's kindness and welcoming dispostion was eventually put to the test when the Skeavers landed.  When they landed, it was assumed that they were looking for crew members, but things went south when they began kidnapping Altaics as slave labor. This event caused the Altiacs to be cautious, not sending as many people into space as they did before. Instead, they began extending their trade routes into peace treaties, in hopes of keeping their race safe.

Interactions With Other SpeciesEdit

  • Eurypt: TBW
  • Human: The Humans were the first sentient species to contact the Altaic, and quickly became the most important. Some of Altaicia's earliers inter-spacial trade deals was with Human space stations. When the Skeavers came and began their threats to the Altaic race, they turned to the human for help in order to keep them protected.
  • Lupinus Huntress: TBW
  • Martian: TBW
  • Niso: TBW
  • Skeaver: After the Skeavers came to Altaicia and began kidnapping and hunting their speices, the Altaics began defending themselves against the Skeavers and began turning to the Humans for help against them. In dark alleys, rumors are whispered that the Altaics that the Skeavers they don't kill are used as sex slaves to please their perverse and twisted pleasures.
  • Teropus: TBW


  • It's common for Altaic to lick themselves clean for daily grooming, relying on perfumes and scented oils to smell presentable.
  • Altaics can hold their liquoir a bit better than humans, taking a bit more to get them drunk.
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