Take, for example, throwing sand in a duel. It is dishonorable, but also smart. Honor and dishonor are decided after your death; victory and loss is decided while you live. Throw a handful, Kouhai, if it lets you win.
— Moto Akio

Moto Akio, born 2955, is the former Shateigashira and current boss of the Ryu Hasu Yakuza.




Akio is soft-spoken and cerebral, preferring to counter aggression with reason. His quiet, almost placid personality belies his keen mind. He values logic and critical thinking; despite this, he also trusts his gut instincts. This gives him a calm, composed air at almost all times. He is human, however, and his emotions will occasionally break the surface.


  • Wakizashi
    • 38cm blade
    • 25.5cm hilt
    • Akio is skilled at battojutsu, but is not limited to it. He's just as skilled, if not more, with a bare blade than when drawing, utilizing the unusually long hilt of his sword to mix up distance and keep his foe on their toes.
    • The sword was a gift from Shibo; the hilt and sheath were made from a single piece of wood, with a raised crosshatch pattern carved into them to strengthen his grip on the blade.
  • Kusari-fundo
    • 2-meter chain
    • 3-cm weights on either end
  • H&C Wolf
    • Double-barrel Shotgun
    • Dual 8-round magazines
    • Plasma slugs on one side
    • Custom-made nail rounds (legit steel nails bonded with wax) in the other
  • Cybernetic Muscles
    • Replaced all muscle with cybernetic implants, allowing him to move far faster, be far stronger, and be far more durable than his age and appearance would suggest.
    • About 1.5x peak human strength/speed/durability


  • Battojutsu Master: Able to judge exactly how to draw his sword for a quick, graceful kill.
  • High Intellect: Far more intelligent than most, Akio's brain tends to favor planning, logic, and manipulation.
  • Expert Manipulator: Very good at getting people to do what he wants them to
  • Misdirection Expert: Highly skilled at making people see things other than the truth