Aethon System
Star Type

Single; KV1 Orange Main Sequence

Number of Planets


Galactic Sector


Important Structures

Asteroid belt between Bliss and Aethon IV


The main star in the system as well as its namesake. It's an ordinary KV1 star, with nothing particularly special about it. Unusually for such a small star, it has two habitable planets, both of which are densely populated.

Aethon IEdit

Rocky planet. Shiny. Orbital Radius: 0.32 AU


Heavily inhabited planet. Ship ports located in metropolis areas, few mountainous regions, large sections of hill and flat terrains. Trading and refueling ports for military and civilians vessels traveling to and off planet. "Watery Mars" environment. (OOC Note: Will be important to the story.)Orbital Radius: 0.43 AU

Aethon IIIEdit

Very heavily inhabited planet. "Watery Venus" environment. (OOC Note: Will be important to the story.) Orbital radius: 0.72 AU

Asteroid BeltEdit

A belt of asteroids

Aethon IVEdit

Barren, lifeless rock, scarred by countless impacts. 7/8 the size of Jupiter.